Throughly enjoyed whole article and Anshumann your words are too funny đź‘Ť bon courage !


Not so long ago Rahul Gandhi had been seen as the future of a youthful India & his 129 year old Indian National Congress (INC) Party.He led his party to disaster at the hustings and mutated from the biggest hope to the biggest dope -aka Pappu!!! To compound his problems he was found sleeping through (oh so blissfully,mommy Sonia Gandhi would have loved the sight) a heated debate being led by his Partymen on the Railway Budget and the fare hike to corner the Narendra Modi led NDA government.

Now to think of it why would Rahul Gandhi , the designated “Gladiator” of the Congress Party ,doze off in parliament & expose himself to the daggers & sarcarstic barbs of his rivals??

How could be he so dumb???Is he for real???Did it happen???Well the answer to all this is a big & hilarious yes…and it happened while he was sitting right behind the…

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